Health as Perceived in Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the oldest science of medication emphasizes on preservation of good health (prevention of ailments) more than letting a person succumbing to the ailment and then cure it. Hence, the focus is on following a lifestyle (also called a healthy lifestyle) instead of an event to be followed during the course of a disease. So, what is a healthy lifestyle? What is the meaning of being "healthy"? How can one know if the activities (s)he is involved in day-to-day chores helping her to be healthy? Sushruta, a great surgeon who is believed to have lived between 1200 B. C. to 600 B. C., defined "Health" as a balanced condition of the following: The three fundamental principles, called DOSHAS : Vaata (Gas), Pitta (Acid) and Cough   AGNI (Fire), responsible to carry out the digestive & metabolic activities of the body. Sama agni (balanced fire) results in smooth metabolism, Visham agni (erratic fire) results in irregular metabolism, Tikshna agni (extreme fire) result